Friday, January 21, 2005

Doctor, mujhe kuchh dikhaee nahee deta

The light has gone out of my life. It really has. This is kind of cyclic... every couple of months... around the 3rd week of the month... it mysteriously happens. I have an eerie feeling (call it instinct) that this is vaguely related to some mysterious document named "THE ELECTRICITY BILL". What used to stump me was that it automatically returned in a day or two. My sources inform me that it returns after you perform the highly secretive ritual (also extremely dangerous... This ritual is performed only during office hours and the performer is in the line of fire, I mean he might be fired for not turning up at office) of "paying the ELECTRICITY BILL". I am much obliged to my two room-mates who have always risen to the occasion and charged to the communion held at a local temple of bureaucracy and performed this livelihood threatening ritual.

Luckily for me, when I reach home after a day full of exciting documentation (another much revered ritual), I find the atmosphere quite charged up and the entire world just as it should be.

As I said, the light has, once again, gone out of my life and I believe my roomies are, right as I write this, performing the bureaucratic equivalent of a "trip to Tirupathy". May the gods bless them.

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Green Eyed Monster

I have never been the kind of guy who's been very jealous of the good fortune of other guys. That's partly because I've been pretty lucky in my own life.

But, here's my confession. There's this buddy of mine, studied with me in college. He's kind of cool. But that's ok, I don't mind that. He works as a consultant in a network security firm. Now these guys first sent him packing to all corners of India, and have now sent him to Mauritius. See, I like the guy. As I said, he is my buddy. But there's gotta be a limit to the amount of fun you're allowed to have.

This guy has now not only seen the most beautiful places in India, he is now on his way to "around-the-world-at-company's-expense". I tried to be happy for the rascal... but the more I try, the more difficult it gets.

I must admit, I have been struck by the green-eyed monster. And I know, if he knew that I felt this way... He would absolutely love it. I know it!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy New Year

I sit here, half an hour to go before the office cab leaves and drops me off to my room. Having finished the work for the day, I decide to blog.

I realise that this is a new year. I almost didn't notice. Life's been hectic this last year. It's also been fun. That's the reason I didn't mind the hectic bit too much. As i begin to think of the new year, I wonder what it brings to me. Is it going to be more of the same? I hope not!

There's is this problem with me: I can't deal with 'more of the same' for too long. The 'same' might have been good, but it's gotta change. I look forward to newer experiences, hopefully some more time to spend on things I wanted to do, but couldn't so far. I have this idea, to take off for a fortnight or so. Alone, just roam around... no boundaries..just to let myself free... no friends, no buddies, no distractions... sounds yummy.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I'll have it toasted, if you please.

Its a funny word, toast. You could be the toast of all or you could simply be toast.

I joined this new club in my company. goes by the name of Toastmaster's club, a member of Toastmaster's international, a group of people in the U S of A making everybody's speaking skills, just a little bit better.

So, here I am. I have been informed that I shall have the glorious opportunity of making my first public speech tomorrow. As I sit here now, I would much rather jump off a 50 story building with a parachute that has a hole the size of a minor asteroid.

As it happens, there are no 50 story buildings here in Chennai, and I shall indeed be making that speech. I wonder what will happen?? Will I be the toast or quite simply, will I be toast??