Saturday, September 16, 2006

We have a problem

What in the hell is wrong with the Muslim world?

I mean some random cartoon appears in some random country... And all the Muslim world is offended?

now the pope, leader of a Christian sect says something.. And again the Muslim people have been snubbed?

why are Muslims seeking validation from everyone else?

The Muslims have their beliefs... Others do not share those beliefs and consider them wrong and misguided ... But the Muslims do not share anyone else's beliefs either. They too consider everyone else (Christians, Jews, Hindus) wrong and misguided... This is the nature of religion... And the sooner they come to terms with a world of many religions, the better it will be for them... And everyone else

Before I sound bigoted, let me say that the problem is not just with the Muslim world... The other religions too have these , shall we say overly touchy, elements... But the voice of these in the Muslim world is much louder and the voice of the free thinking people almost non-existent.

I believe everyone would be happier when the world rids itself of religion and all its evils... But I also believe that that day is not close.

All I know is that we have a problem.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Now the entire world knows that democracy is the best!

It's been the reason Iraq was invaded (it wasn't for weapons of mass destruction), rt?
It's the way forward in Cuba... isn't it?

why the heck then does the UN have these 5 "more equal than the others" who, like the landlords of yore, determine the paths taken by the "serf" nations?

why isn't the UN democratic?