Sunday, September 25, 2005

The King is Dead


Fernando Alonso became the youngest ever F1 champ.

So, is the former weltermeister's era over? Or is there another glorious chapter yet to be written in the career of Michael Schumacher? As an ardent fan of the Schume, I have no doubt that he will return. 2007 could well be his last season in F1, and it would only be fitting if he went out with a bang. These young pretenders need to be shown that the only reason they were able to outpace the legend was the car. Millions around the world have no doubt that given the same car, Schumi would beat the living daylights out of the so called next-big-things of F1.

He joined Ferrari when it was all but in the dumps. He built a team around him, not unlike what Micheal Jordan did at the Chicago Bulls. He has consistently beaten his team mates at Ferrari. And no, it is not because he was given the better car.

This last race at Sau Paulo once again gave that glimmer of hope to the tifosi. The Ferrari was not that slow.

Next year, its a different game... a very different car with a V8 engine. It will not be just Ferrari testing for Bridgestone, so hopefully the Bridgestone tyre development will go as good if not better that that of Michelin.

What Alonso did this year is great. But nobody has yet beaten the Schume in a good car. Kimi Raikonnen had by far the fastest car for the better part of the season and he still lost the race. The season that happens to the ReigenMeister; that's the season the king shall be de-throned...

Till then, there's only one thing the young guns can do.... dream on.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Freddie Flintoff:

Freddie Flintoff: as seen by the Aussies

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

they threw the black man out


I hate INXS now. (naah... I love their songs... but I hate what they did to Ty)

Now I'm rooting for Suzie.

Jordis shud'ave been thrown out when Deanna went out. She killed Dream On when Deanna nailed her original.

This week JD sucked all week... gave two reaally sucky performances... and Ty goes home???

tell me it's not because he is black...

This guy has been the best performer on the show by a mile. Nobody comes anywhere in his shadow...

I hope to see him release a new album... and I'm buying it.