Friday, January 20, 2006

Surprise Surprise!

Saurav Ganguly dropped from the Indian team for the second test at Faisalabad.

I had a feeling this might happen. It's absolutely disgraceful on part of the Indian management. The question that begs an answer is this:
why was Ganguly included for the first test? And what did he do wrong in that test to justify dropping him. All I remember of Ganguly in the match is the unbelievable catch he took.

Quite frankly, the whole thing stinks like a rotten fish. I believe it’s a plan hatched by Greg Chappel and Rahul Dravid to keep Saurav out. They had to take him in because of all the pressure from the board and selection committee. But what they have done now has the potential of teaching our politicians a trick or two.

Firstly, they don't use Ganguly much during the Indian fielding effort. Then, in a political master stroke, Dravid comes out to open with Sehwag and pushes Ganguly down to the middle order. The Indian media ("are you blind, folks?") hail this move by Dravid as a sacrifice (sacrifice, my a$$).

To me, it's quite obvious that during the Pakistani batting, it became apparent that this pitch has nothing in it for the bowlers. That the batters are gonna have a field day and that the only time a batter gets out is when he makes a blunder... not just a mistake... but a blunder! If Gangs comes out to bat on this pitch, chances are he's gonna get a hundred, possibly more... and then how will we drop him? It was tough enough dropping him after a 30 and a 40...

Brainwave: Let’s shut him out altogether. Let's not let him bat at all!!
Bravo Mr. Chappel, Bravo Mr. Dravid..... All I hope is that one day, you get a taste of your own medicine. I expected more from Dravid, but he has shown himself to be a weak man ready to backstab a team-mate for personal glory.