Friday, January 14, 2005

The Green Eyed Monster

I have never been the kind of guy who's been very jealous of the good fortune of other guys. That's partly because I've been pretty lucky in my own life.

But, here's my confession. There's this buddy of mine, studied with me in college. He's kind of cool. But that's ok, I don't mind that. He works as a consultant in a network security firm. Now these guys first sent him packing to all corners of India, and have now sent him to Mauritius. See, I like the guy. As I said, he is my buddy. But there's gotta be a limit to the amount of fun you're allowed to have.

This guy has now not only seen the most beautiful places in India, he is now on his way to "around-the-world-at-company's-expense". I tried to be happy for the rascal... but the more I try, the more difficult it gets.

I must admit, I have been struck by the green-eyed monster. And I know, if he knew that I felt this way... He would absolutely love it. I know it!!!


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