Monday, September 27, 2004

Leave Me alone

It was a good day till I got into others' mess.
I wish these people would just let me be.
I wanna do my job and get outta here, but uhhh!! If lambs could fly...

It seems that with all the politicking happening at work places, it is nearly impossible for a guy to simply stick to his job and not take sides in the war of the egoes.

and what bloated egoes! and how petty victories satisfy them... and why do they have to get me involved?? fight you own battles, I say... dont use my bloody shoulder to point your guns...

Let me Be.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Purpose of the blog

I've been reading a few blogs lately.
Most bloggers seem to have a reason to blog. Some want to have 'their space'. Others just want to be 'cool' or simply put their thoughts into words.

This got me thinking.. why ever did I start blogging? I've never been a writer kinda guy. I dont keep a diary... But I guess what got me started was that a couple of my friends had blogs. I went through them.. liked them and wondered:"why don't I do the same?"

I' ve always been like this. If my friends do something.. I gotta do it too. I think this is what they call peer-pressure.

So to come back to the point: 'The Purpose of the blog" was just to start it. You know its something to say when you are in the company of the worldly wise.

"So, what's your blog named?".. You know, it gives one something to talk about. That's done! So what's next? I wonder what I should put in the blog? should it be like a diary.. where I note down my day-to-day happenings, so some future historian can look up the life and times of "SADAF".. naah!!

But then what else is there? I don't know.. but I want my blog to be more than a journal. It must show 'me', the real me. So my reactions to events everywhere, when I have these reactions, must also be a part of this.

My thoughts, about everything and anything, ... yeah! that's the pupose of the blog.

Monday, September 20, 2004

A Strong-End to a Weak Week

It was most definitely a week to forget. After one too many night-outs I hade finally been broken. With only a constant head-ache for a companion, all I wanted was a week-end.

It was a good weekend, no doubt about it. Caught a play after almost 2 years. A thoroughly refreshing experience! It was an adaptation of two plays by a malayali author. I enjoyed it.

It was followed by antonio benderas, eddie murphy, mike myers, cameron diaz.. Shrek2! What a sequel, I might even venture so much as to say that it was better than the original.. and thats saying quite a lot.

The night was spent in the company of those we don't speak of.. M. Night Shyamalan.. The Village... another good movie... My friends who didnt enjoy the movie as much make me a firm believer in the quote: "Eat a live toad in the morning and everything else that happens will feel like honey"

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Quizzically Challenged

Thats the name of my quiz team.
And we stand true to our name.. we are, indeed, quizzically challenged.

Three young and enthusiastic fellows on their way to quizzing glory. Like in all new ventures, we start at the bottom.. the very bottom! We are perhaps as significant in the quizzing circles here as is the motorcycle at the bottom of the ocean. People notice us.. not for our brilliance, but for the very fact that we are a bit 'out of place'.

We are a dogged lot, us three.. and so we still go on.. Its fun.

Well, just to give these quizzards a look-in at quizzing-our style, I conducted a quiz here yesterday. I think it went well. Not many scored much...that's a good sign aint it.

There was this guy who cracked the quiz..grr.. will get him next time...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hey Gymboy

Life was good.. all was hunky dory.. then the swimming pool opened..
always wanted to learn to swim.. no point being a piscean if u are as comfy in water as in a gas chamber..
So, me and a couple of colleagues decided that we gotta go have a dip..
At the pool: well, u gotta take the shirt off to get into the pool.. and there I see.. my colleagues with bodies like those of greek gods... and me with a paunch that would have made Lord Ganesha envious...

Started Gym this past week. I've gotta lose a couple of KGs..and fast.
This paunch of mine is a luxury I cant afford. One thing's for sure though, It ain't fun.
I've just come from the gym.. a rigorous regime of Cardio-vascular exercises has been mandated for me...

I give it a month. If I haven't lost atleast 2.5 Kg in that time.. The gym effort shall be considered a waste and all further attempts to get me gymming shall be reciprocated with a barrage of words that one shaln't find any where near being civilised.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Sadaf's Log Star date...

Day 2, and still going strong! You gotta be impressed. Admit it, this is more than you gave me credit for. Heck this is way more than I would care to give me credit for.

Its one thing to start a blog, quite another to actually get down and write something half-way decent into it. This more so, when the day is filled up with 'the usual'. "So, what was the day like?", you might ask. "The Usual", I might reply.

Another day with its regular share of mind numbing build failures, and heart stopping bugs. Its quite fascinating really. I would never have thought that caffeine would turn out to be so ineffective against the daily office routine. Reminds one of a certain Mr. Don Quixote and his valiant efforts against those undoubtedly evil wind-mills. The poor coffee never had a chance.

All a guy needs after another day completely packed with 'the usual', is... well, the usual trip down music alley. Today, its Jim Morrisson to the rescue... God bless the maker of the MP3...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My First Time

This is my first time blogging..
I sit here, in my office.. with nothing to do..
Ah! If only I could do the same everyday..

There's Led Zepp in the background (u guessed id..stairway to heaven).. and life couldn't have been better! And there's more..the next song is 'The Man who sold the world'..Nirvana..
As I said, couldn't have been better..