Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Purpose of the blog

I've been reading a few blogs lately.
Most bloggers seem to have a reason to blog. Some want to have 'their space'. Others just want to be 'cool' or simply put their thoughts into words.

This got me thinking.. why ever did I start blogging? I've never been a writer kinda guy. I dont keep a diary... But I guess what got me started was that a couple of my friends had blogs. I went through them.. liked them and wondered:"why don't I do the same?"

I' ve always been like this. If my friends do something.. I gotta do it too. I think this is what they call peer-pressure.

So to come back to the point: 'The Purpose of the blog" was just to start it. You know its something to say when you are in the company of the worldly wise.

"So, what's your blog named?".. You know, it gives one something to talk about. That's done! So what's next? I wonder what I should put in the blog? should it be like a diary.. where I note down my day-to-day happenings, so some future historian can look up the life and times of "SADAF".. naah!!

But then what else is there? I don't know.. but I want my blog to be more than a journal. It must show 'me', the real me. So my reactions to events everywhere, when I have these reactions, must also be a part of this.

My thoughts, about everything and anything, ... yeah! that's the pupose of the blog.


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