Friday, September 10, 2004

Sadaf's Log Star date...

Day 2, and still going strong! You gotta be impressed. Admit it, this is more than you gave me credit for. Heck this is way more than I would care to give me credit for.

Its one thing to start a blog, quite another to actually get down and write something half-way decent into it. This more so, when the day is filled up with 'the usual'. "So, what was the day like?", you might ask. "The Usual", I might reply.

Another day with its regular share of mind numbing build failures, and heart stopping bugs. Its quite fascinating really. I would never have thought that caffeine would turn out to be so ineffective against the daily office routine. Reminds one of a certain Mr. Don Quixote and his valiant efforts against those undoubtedly evil wind-mills. The poor coffee never had a chance.

All a guy needs after another day completely packed with 'the usual', is... well, the usual trip down music alley. Today, its Jim Morrisson to the rescue... God bless the maker of the MP3...


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