Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hey Gymboy

Life was good.. all was hunky dory.. then the swimming pool opened..
always wanted to learn to swim.. no point being a piscean if u are as comfy in water as in a gas chamber..
So, me and a couple of colleagues decided that we gotta go have a dip..
At the pool: well, u gotta take the shirt off to get into the pool.. and there I see.. my colleagues with bodies like those of greek gods... and me with a paunch that would have made Lord Ganesha envious...

Started Gym this past week. I've gotta lose a couple of KGs..and fast.
This paunch of mine is a luxury I cant afford. One thing's for sure though, It ain't fun.
I've just come from the gym.. a rigorous regime of Cardio-vascular exercises has been mandated for me...

I give it a month. If I haven't lost atleast 2.5 Kg in that time.. The gym effort shall be considered a waste and all further attempts to get me gymming shall be reciprocated with a barrage of words that one shaln't find any where near being civilised.


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