Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Narain Narain

All India (rather, all F1-crazy India) has found a new sports icon today.
Narain Karthikeyan has been asked to drive for Jordan, and he has accepted it...
agreed, Jordan (oops, midland) isn't really the crown gem of F1. Agreed also, that it took Trevor Carlin, NK's former boss in Formula 3, to get NK in. But its still cause for celebration. After all, Nick Heidfield was here, so was Fisichella... And look at where they are today.
Another similarity between Nick, Fisi and NK is their relatively superior performance in the wets. So all in all, it looks good.

After the last few boring (??) seasons, NK's entry might just spice things up for the Indian fans. We will now have two guys to root for... MS at the top...And NK somewhere in the middle of the circuit...

and hey, Sania is into the big league as well... Looks like a new wave of sports heroes are here to take on the world... Here's to the new tsunami!!!


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