Friday, October 22, 2004

That Deadly Sin of Mine

Its been a loong time since I last came here..
I would like to say that it was for a good reason that I abstained... but the unfortunate truth of the matter is that I was too lazy to put in any effort to update this..

and as I sit here, at 1 am, trying to get my work done... I know that I should have finished it earlier, like everybody else does.. so that I too could be sleeping peacefully and not haunt my office at nights... I must admit, sloth is the deadly sin that has led me to spend countless similar nights.

and come to think of it.. what am I doing blogging when there's work to be done...?? why procrastinating, of course...

There's one thing I believe... If your life is boring, it is upon you to make it exciting.. and there is nothing as thrilling (in a software professional's life) as working on the code 5 minutes after it was supoosed to be delivered


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